Urgent Communication about Global Household Goods Contract

December 05, 2019

Dear U.S.-Based Moving Industry Professionals:


You may have received this message before. If so, please forward it to your colleagues who might also be interested. We thank you for your help in spreading this important communication.


The U.S. Department of Defense has been moving very quickly to re-engineer the way it procures household goods moving services from the moving industry. Their initiative, called the Global Household Goods Contract (GHC), has already moved to the point that bids have been solicited and the bidding process was closed on Nov. 12. The International Association of Movers (IAM) has significant concerns with the U.S. Transportation Command’s GHC as it is currently written. We believe moving away from the current Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) to one that places the entire U.S. Department of Defense’s household goods program (400,000 shipments annually) into the hands of a single contractor is untenable and will potentially lead to a breakdown in the system.


The transition toward the GHC is scheduled to begin with the announcement of the contract award winner in April 2020. Many within our industry have raised concerns that the 2020 Peak Season could be difficult for servicemembers and their families as the industry deals with the transition to this new concept that will begin its full implementation in February 2021.


The link below takes you to a letter that IAM plans to send to Gen Stephen Lyons, U.S. Transportation Command Commander and architect of the GHC. The letter lays out our concerns with the GHC as currently written, but also with the transition period between the current program and the GHC. The transition is not well thought out by U.S. Transportation Command and we feel may be a disastrous time for servicemembers, their families and industry stakeholders.



We need your company’s support. By signing on to this letter you are indicating to Gen Lyons that your organization supports U.S. Transportation Command taking a step back from the edge. He needs to take time to sit down with the industry to determine what the way ahead should look like and what steps make sense to actually meet the stated goals of the GHC: increase capacity, improve quality and reduce claims in the DOD household good program.


We are looking for one signature per company. If you have questions on how to fill out this form, please contact Carl Weaver at carl.weaver@iamovers.org or by calling his direct line at (571) 351-4776.




Charles White


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Hall of Honor Call for Nominations

January 09, 2020

The Hall of Honor was established in 2008 to pay tribute to those Industry leaders whose careers reflect exceptional and distinguished service to their companies or the Association, or who have worked to elevate the Industry as a whole. Since its inception, many deserving individuals have been inducted into the Hall of Honor. Nominations for this distinguished group may be submitted by any IAM member, client or customer.

If you have a suggestion for someone who should be in the Hall of Honor, fill out the nomination form. Nominees do not have to be from IAM members companies and do not have to be still living to be awarded.

Learn More >

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Top 10 countries UAE Expats are moving to: 2020 Edition

January 22, 2020

ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for moving services, recently analysed thousands of international moving requests made by UAE residents in 2019 to reveal the top 10 countries expats are moving to. India is the most popular international destination.

Full Story at AME Info >

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Matthieu Odijk Joins IAM Membership & Programs Committee

January 23, 2020

Matthieu Odijk is a 39 year old Director of Business development at MF Interlogistics, Denmark’s up and coming moving company, with 15 years’ experience in the moving industry with an educational background in facility management. Matthieu is married and found his partner at one of the well-known conferences and has 2 kids at the age of 1,5 and almost 6,  who have appeared in many of his social media postings.

He began his career at Voerman International learning the tricks of the trade from familiar industry names as Ed van Bodegraven and Wiebe van Bockel. Starting with moving, coordinating files, surveying, providing relocation support and later developing accounts, Matthieu saw all facets of this diverse industry.

Matthieu got offered the position of Director of Moving services at Aspire Mobility back in 2015 in the home country of his partner and moved from the Netherlands to Denmark.
In 2019 the opportunity came along to join forces with the largest subcontractor in Denmark MF interlogistics.  With the existing operational set up and expertise, Matthieu saw it as a great chance not only to be being the subcontractor by the well-known names in Scandinavia but also and foremost becoming a partner and developing an own company instead of working for a boss.

In his rare spare time Matthieu enjoys following the Dutch football team Feyenoord as well as kicking a ball or 2 himself sometimes. With the other hobby of food and wine the occasional training and matches are more of a necessity rather than luxury.

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Foreign Exchange Remittance Card

Overseas Pakistanis remitting foreign currency equivalent to US$2500 to US$ 50,000 per annum are entitled to the following incentives;

  • Five categories of remittance cards as per amount remitted.
  • Free Issuance and Renewal of passport on urgent basis.
  • Separate Counters for special handling at arrival and departure lounges at all International Airports in Pakistan.
  • Duty credit can also be utilized for seven items with fixed duty i.e., television, deep freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, cooking range, washing machine and air conditioner.
  • Duty Credit in Pak. Rupees as per category of remittance card.
 Type of FERC Amount Remitted Through Normal Banking Channel
(in US $ or equivalent foreign currency)
Duty Credit In Rs.
Silver Card Silver 2500 or more 10,000
Silver Plus Card Silver Plus 5000 or more 20,000
Gold Card Gold 10,000 or more 30,000
Gold Plus CardGold Plus 25,000 or more 50,000
 Platinum Platinum 50,000or more 100,000


Loadability of ocean containers

  • 20ft container approximately 26-28 CBM
  • 40ft container approximately 55-58 CBM
  • 40ft HQ container approximately 60-68 CBM
  • 45ft HQ container approximately 78 CBM


45' High Cube Dry
45′ High Cube Dry
40' Dry Freight
40′ Dry Freight
40' Open Top
40′ Open Top
40' Flat Rack
40′ Flat Rack
40' Collapsible Flat Rack
40′ Collapsible Flat Rack
40' Platform
40′ Platform
40' Reefer
40′ Reefer
40' High Cube Reefer
40′ High Cube Reefer
20' Dry Freight
20′ Dry Freight
20' Open Top
20′ Open Top
20' Flat Rack
20′ Flat Rack
20' Tank
20′ Tank


Dimensions: Length Width Height
Overall 40′ = 12192 mm 8′ = 2438 mm 8′ 6″ = 2591 mm
Internal 39′ 5.25″=
12022 mm
7′ 5.625″ =
2352 mm
7′ 10.25″ =
2395 mm
Door Opening 7′ 8.25″ =
2343 mm
7′ 5.75″ =
2280 mm
Max. Gross 67200 lbs = 30480 kg
Tare 8600 lbs = 3900 kg
Max. Payload 58600 lbs = 26580 kg
Cube: 2392 cu. ft. = 67.7 m3


40 Ft. “High Cube”

Dimensions: Length Width Height
Overall 40′ = 12192 mm 8′ = 2438 mm 9′ 6″ = 2895 mm
Internal 39′ 3.25″=
12022 mm
7′ 8.5″ =
2352 mm
8′ 10.25″ =
2700 mm
Door Opening 7′ 5.75″ =
2340 mm
8′ 5.75″ =
2585 mm
Max. Gross 67200 lbs = 30480 kg
Tare 9150 lbs = 4150 kg
Max. Payload 58050 lbs = 26330 kg
Cube: 2697 cu. ft. = 76.4 m3


20 Ft. Standard Container

Dimensions: Length Width Height
Overall 20′ = 6096 mm 7′ 9.25″ = 2370 mm 8’6″ = 2591 mm
Internal 19′ 5.75″ =
5935 mm
7′ 8″ =
2335 mm
7′ 9.75″ =
2383 mm
Door Opening 7′ 8″ =
2335 mm
7′ 6.25″ =
2292 mm
Max. Gross 52910 lbs = 24000 kg
Tare 4585 lbs = 8080 kg
Max. Payload 48325 lbs = 21920 kg
Cube: 1197.25 cu. ft. = 33.9 m3


Local assemblers suspend booking of cars for non-filers

Earlier this year, it was proposed in the budget 2018-19 that the non-filers would be barred from booking, registering or purchasing a locally produced car and imported vehicles from 1, July 2018, until they file the tax return. After the approval of budget 2018-19 by National Assembly of Pakistan; the action has been taken by every local automaker.

Pak Suzuki, IMC Toyota, Honda and Al-Haj FAW have suspended the booking of vehicles, as per the new policy. We have contacted all the official dealerships of the companies as mentioned earlier, and they explicitly said that as per the new policy the booking of the vehicles to be suspended.

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